Special components for pneumatic transport

Components guarantee to improve the performance in function of the specific condition of work.

Plant are realized and design singularly in function of client necessities. Sometimes it happens that client specification during the project phase are not equal to the real conditions encountered when the project has been realized for various reasons: changes at the productive cycle or simply because has been changed the supplier of the material and/or the chemical characteristics of the product. To avoid any type of problems EUROMEC in front of a problem realized (and we continue to make it) special components to solve any type of problem.

During all the entire life of our injections system we are able to supply items for have always a perfect configuration.
These items are a lot and of various type and we continuously trying to improve them for having always a better result. For an example of our continuous work of research and development we can quote:
1) Ejectors
2) Booster to improve and keep constant the propulsive thrust and the correct fluidization;
3) Curves of various geometrical shape
4) Deviating valve “Y” shaped
5) Ball valve with coating having excellent quality against wear and contemporaneously high resilience
6) Rotary valves for improve the extraction of materials.
All these components are available or can be realized for nominal sizes from DN40 to DN100 with or without wear liner.