Dedusting plants

Compliance with the regulations regarding emissions into the atmosphere, and consequently the protection of the environment, have acquired great ethical and legal importance and certainly destined to be increasingly severe and stringent.

Euromec has gradually integrated their own machines, groups of machines and entire plants with adequate systems for filtering fumes and dusts. For this reason Euromec created a team of specialist that it’s completely dedicated to research, study and design any type of filtration / depuration of fumes and locals with capacity from 5.000 to 2.000.000 m³/h and beyond.
Dry filter (bag filter, cartridge filter and candles filter); wet filter; electro-filters; system for injection of reagent and DeNOx; filter with carbons, exchangers; quenching towers and cyclones; system for dust collection with fan; filter and its system for dust collection.
All material filtered is moved inside of pipe lines with a flow speed that it’s never superior of 20 m/s and all connection points between various collectors don’t have never an angle inferior of 45°.
We realize ad hoc solutions to assure the high performance and reliability. Our extreme flexibility permits us to give to the client various services and supplies as for example:
Feasibility studies; engineering for important parts; complete dedusting and filtering plants; handling plants complete of dedusting system turnkey.